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ICOSI - The Institute of international Social Cooperation

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ICOSI, the Institute of international social cooperation, is an NGO founded in 1983 and whose main goal is to promote the values of the social economy: solidarity, respect for the principles and modalities of democratic management, combination of, economic development, sustainable development and social justice. The institute resolutely promotes the dissemination and the defence of human rights, democracy and international labour standards.

For more than 25 years now, ICOSI has launched and implemented cooperation programmes all over the world : Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Greece), Eastern Europe (the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, etc.), Baltic countries (Latvia), Asia (China, Viet-Nam and Laos) and Africa, in the following fields: social follow-up of economic reforms (social dialogue, work relations, vocational training, etc), reform of the social protection systems (pension, health and unemployment insurance), disability, sustainable growth, promotion of enterprises and organisations which share the values of the social economy.

Its members and partners come form the traditional « families » of the social economy (cooperatives, associations, mutuals, foundations) and the joint welfare institutions, which constitute its General Assembly and its Executive Board.
Under the presidency of Jacques Landriot (CEO of the « Chèque Déjeuner » Group, one of the largest French worker cooperative), the missions of ICOSI has lead to promote workers’ cooperatives as well. Among its members are Groupe Chèque Déjeuner, Banque Fédérale Mutualiste, CG SCOP, Crédit Coopératif, etc.

In collaboration with its partners, ICOSI is also active in lobbying the public institutions, aiming to promote solidarity-based solutions and to place the human being at the heart of economic choices.

ICOSI also gathers the five confederations of workers representatives in France (CFE-CGC, CFDT, CGT, CFTC, Force Ouvrière), as well as the Unsa Education. These organisations take part to a high number of cooperation programmes coordinated by ICOSI, in particular in the field of social dialogue, cohesion and protection.


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L’ICOSI co-anime le pôle Insertion Socio-Professionnelle et ESS du PCPA Tunisie

En tant que co-animateur du pôle Insertion Socio-Professionnelle et ESS du PCPA Tunisie, l’ICOSI a déposé auprès du programme un plan d’action pour le pôle s’étendant jusqu’en 2018. Validé par le comité de pilotage, ce plan débutera par une rencontre des membres du 18 au 20 septembre prochain à Tunis.


Citoyens Actifs 2.0

Citoyens Actifs 2.0 est lancé ! Après une première phase concentrée sur la participation aux votes municipaux et européens de 2014, les associations partenaires ont élargi leur projet pour qu’il devienne un réseau. Celui-ci regroupe les citoyens européens d’Ile-de-France désireux de vivre plus activement et solidairement leur citoyenneté européenne.